Racial Politics

President is black



Barack Obama as our black president was something that wouldn’t have even been thought about in the past.

Obama has changed how we view politics in many ways. He brought a new perspective, a completely different background, and hope for America. He showed America that you didn’t have to be a white, rich male in order to succeed or be heard. He showed us bravery, commitment, strength, and very strong leadership skills that proved to American’s that he would help us become a more unified nation.


Obama being black has improved racial politics in more ways than one. He has touched the hearts of the black community, bringing out confidence in themselves as leaders and individual human beings. Black voters are more involved in the political process, they are standing up for their rights and privileges as Americans and we are starting to see a change. I believe Obama did an amazing job reaching the black community. He was caring, encouraging, and friendly. He was a leader that will never be forgotten and always cherished.











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